My Story

Dreamz was an idea in my head for at least two years before I had the courage and opportunity to make it a reality. The idea took shape having worked in the home improvement industry and also being a DIY enthusiast (as well as a parent, full time worker, part time student  – you get the drift). For many years I would buy home décor magazines and borrow the beautiful photo shoots as inspiration for my next home project, the trouble was that I would struggle to find the time to seek out all the products to bring these rooms to life!

The combination of so little time, so much to do and gaining a unique understanding of the industry provided the ingredients for the Dreamz recipe – a one-stop-home-décor-shop, along with the addition of many of those images that I now like on my Instagram and Facebook.

I want to simplify your journey by offering the products to get the job done all in one place. Helping you to make your house a home with our range of products that combine practicality and beauty, adding the warmth and character for your redecoration and renovation projects. It’s a never-ending search as I spend lots of time seeking out great products and great customer service, funnily enough, not the easiest to find together!

Dreamz is proud to be 100% Irish owned and managed. Having been on my own home renovation and decorating journeys, I experienced the difficulties at finding all the things I loved in one place. So I’m committed to giving other home enthusiasts a wonderful experience as the aim to be the one-stop-home-décor shop you need.

My story is one of having BIG dreams and bringing them to life through carefully curating and sharing designs and products for every room in your home. I hope you enjoy spending time on Dreamz…


Our Partners

At Dreamz, we choose our suppliers and products with careful consideration and always with our customers at the heart of everything we do. This is no ordinary marketplace, but a curated experience that engages our visitors with the highest quality products that inspires and excites them as they embark on a journey to make their house a home.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Dreamz partner, please email us with who you are and what you do to