Dreamy Pink Bedroom

From 277.00

Who wouldn’t want to go to bed in this beautifully designed dreamy pink bedroom?

Sian Zeng's most popular range for a reason, this wallpaper fits any wall width due to repeating panels, making it cheaper than bespoke wall murals without any loss of image quality.
Asgil Oak White has a refined, light oak decor. To match the Scandinavian style of living, the decor of the light oak looks calm and understated. This style will brighten up any room and make it appear more spacious. The wide format accentuates the beauty of the floor.

Create a feeling of distance and space and offer intricate detail on an impressive scale with Sian Zeng’s pink mural trees paired with complementary Elle Decoration by Crown Personal Touch pink paint and an Asgil Oak white floor.


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