Gloss Black Glass Kitchen Splashback


The Gloss Black Splashback is a statement Splashback and works particularly well with white or cream hues and cabinets.

Delivery Details: This product is supplied directly from the UK and may take longer than 7 working days for delivery.

White ceilings, skylights and good lighting more than balance out any concerns around black being too dark. Always in fashion, black adds an aura of sophistication to any room, and a black Splashback will look crisp, dramatic and elegant and add a touch of timeless class. As a neutral colour, you can also rest assured that a black Splashback will work with any colour scheme you choose.

  • 6mm toughened safety glass for strength and durability
  • Full self adhesive backing, no additional adhesive required
  • British Made
  • Full installation instructions included
  • Wrapped in protective packaging and shipped with care
  • Clean with warm, soapy water and nothing else


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